Stefan Herrebosch

Innovation Consultant @ The House of Marketing

Stefan works as an innovation expert at The House of Marketing where he guides companies on the road towards customer-centric product, service and UX design, based on the principles of Business Design Thinking, agile working and lean start-ups.

Stefan has a background in Economics, complemented with a post-master in General Management at Vlerick Business School. He has a passion for creating brands, products and user experiences that matter, while continuously challenging the status quo. He has helped numerous companies in transforming and achieving their marketing and innovation goals, and loves to share his vision and tips during keynotes.



The double diamond road towards customer-centric innovation

When you know how to drive, where to fuel and where to stop for enjoying the views, the innovation road is easier than you might think. During this keynote Stefan will guide you through the principles of Business Design Thinking, the methodology used to create customer-centric innovation. For those who love diamonds, you will go home with two. And of course also with a handful of tips.