Philip De Wulf

Strategy Partner @ Yellow Window

Philip supports clients and designers in product-, service and (customer) experience design by enhancing their organization’s dynamic capabilities of sensing (needs), shaping (portfolio’s) and seizing (opportunities).

He is a licensed psychologist from the University of Ghent with a track record of 20+ years in consulting blue chip companies such as Vodafone, FrieslandCampina, Sara Lee, Heineken, P&G, Coca Cola , Port of Antwerp etc… on global marketing and innovation strategy.



No Lemons, No Melons. You Have the Customer Journey All Wrong.

Linear concepts of the customer journey don’t apply like they used to anymore. Consumers expect businesses to cater to their desire to have it all, now, personalized and delivered at their doorstep. Proven concepts where businesses nudge their customers in experiences that first and foremost fit their own systems won’t do the job anymore. Human Centered Customer Experience Design starts with a new perspective on customer journey’s.