Liesbeth Vandamme

Sales Director at Groupe Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs Belgium

Liesbeth Vandamme has a long history in the Pierre&Vacances Center Parcs Groupe.   She really has seen every touchpoint a customer enounters in his holiday experience.  From Business Development to park sales, ecommerce and now overall sales management for Belgium for the brands Center Parcs, Sunparks and Pierre&Vacances.



Say Yes to The Customer

What does a customer wants when he arrives on his holiday?  Fully relaxation, a lot of action or a combination?  And why did he choose this destination or brand to go on holiday?  In case if somethings goes not very well, what are the possibilities?  How do you make sure he will return the next time or will recommend you?

At Center Parcs, it’s all about getting the right experience for the customer in his orientation phase, the information gathering, the purchase online, B2B or via partners, the upsell facilities before departure and the experience on the park you promised him.  And never forget: how do you keep him happy after his return of his holiday?

Liesbeth Vandamme will tell you how the customer is central in the complete communication and sales mix of Center Parcs and how this customer focus gives oxygen to sales growth year after year.