Karl Gilis


According to PPC Hero, Karl is the number 3 most influential conversion expert in the world. He’s the G in AGConsult, a Belgium-based conversion optimization & usability company. He’s been making websites more successful since 2001. Always based on user research & facts. Because opinions are just opinions.

Karl’s mission in life is to cure marketeers and designers who take decisions based on gut feeling and opinions. Because this terrible disease is costing companies tons of money. And it makes clients unhappy.

Karl teaches at several universities in Belgium and is a top-rated speaker at conferences all over the world (23 countries and counting). He’s also known as the UX comedian.

He helps companies such as Suzuki, TUI, Carglass and Yoast to become truly customer-centric.



You don’t want any customers, do you?

80% of all companies say they’re customer-centric. 8% of their customers think those companies are customer-centric. The main reason why customers stop being a client is because they have the feeling the company doesn’t care about them.

Do you really care about your customers? Do you know how the customers mind works? Or do you care about yourself and winning that award? Your marketing sucks. And I will prove it.