Eric Lippens

CEO, No Nonsense Marketing

Eric believes strongly that online en offline marketing suits each other like gin and tonic.  He aims at developing fluent marketings stories in a no nonsense way! And therefore he developed a way of shaping teams in to digitalisation…. In fact, digitalisation doesn’t exist! It is just doing marketing in a new way of working.   And it starts within the teams.  


People Driven Change delivers customer centric Campaigns

Everybody’s talking about customer journeys and how perfect they should be for the customer.  And every company realises that it should be a perfect customer journey… But how come that only a few companies can manage a customer journey that is valuable for your customer?  And does 1 customer journey fits all customers?

Most companies does not succeed due to it’s organisation based silo’s, due to personal ego’s and fear of change.
We developed in cooperation with Google a unique way of changing the behaviour of organisations in order to get ready to develop the right customer journeys: People Driven Change!

With People Driven Change you can overwin the barriers of towards a customer centric organisation… and start with data driven campaigns who are succesfull.







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